Laurie Singer Named to VC Sports Hall of Fame

We talk about heroes a lot around here, because we are continually inspired by the grit and determination of those we serve. We are also honored to have a leader who models those very traits on a daily basis, and more than a little proud to announce that Laurie Singer has been recognized publicly for them as one of five new members of the Ventura County Sports Hall of Fame.

Joining an elite group that includes Olympic medalists, collegiate All-Americans, Major League Baseball MVPs, and NFL Super Bowl winners, Laurie will be officially inducted into the class of 2017 at a ceremony on June 4th at the Ventura Beach Marriott.

While overcoming personal loss and struggles with ADHD to achieve professional success and to help others facing their own life challenges, Laurie has also been quietly accomplishing great things in the athletic arena. She has made running 100 mile races nearly routine, completing 28 ultramarathons of 31 miles or longer. She is also a 3-time Ironman, which involves swimming 2.4 miles followed by a 112-mile bike ride and running a full 26.2 mile marathon.

The graphic below shows her race totals in those three sports, which are stunning on their own, but they don’t begin to convey the thousands of hours Laurie spent training to compete in them. As in all areas of Laurie’s life, there is no secret to her success, but rather a very obvious – and very inspiring – commitment to working hard and harnessing the power of struggle.

Please join us in congratulating our very own hero. You can read more about Laurie and the company she’ll be keeping as a Hall of Famer in this article from the Ventura County Star.


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